Andrzej Burkot

street Bielska 44,
Pl 43-436 Górki Wielkie,
phone 33 8539 531,
phone com 602 571 494

  • Drewniana szopka bożonarodzeniowa - figury z drewna do kościoła
  • Szopka bożonarodzeniowa drewniana
  • Stojący drewniany krucyfiks ołtarzowy, Jezus do grobu złożony i inne rzeźby sakralne Andrzej Burkot
  • Sakralne rzeźby i figurki z drewna Andrzej Burkot
  • Drewniane sakralne rzeźby i figurki Andrzej Burkot
  • Honorowy Medal Prymasa Polski -
  • Drewniane szopki bożonarodzeniowe - figury z drewna do kościoła

The Workshop

          Our workshop, which dates from 1984, specializes in woodcarving, mostly of sacral pieces. One can come across them in just about every European country as well as the USA in churches, chapels and private collections. Our figures and bas-reliefs are created with the greatest of care, hand-carved in lime (linden) wood and can be left natural or stained or fully painted and gilded with 23 carat gold leaf. They are admired even by the most demanding of clients. Most customers order figures from our regular range which, because of their method of handcrafting are still individual, unique pieces. However, any figure can be carved on the basis of plans, drawings or photographs. We also repair and renovate wooden figures and carvings, damaged gold gilding, etc.

We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards, and this, together with the experience, talent and patience of our craftsman-artists, guarantees that our woodcarvings will meet your expectations.

We warmly invite you to visit our workshop in Górki Wielkie, Cieszyn Silesia, Southern Poland near the Czech border. It is the best way for you to get to know the nature of our woodcarvings and the people who create them.


On our Facebook page we present current projects and information related to the workshop. We invite you to visit!